Sunday, December 17, 2017

more than a hobby

I've been writing in blogs and online journals since around 2001 and have always enjoyed contributing to online discussions about a variety of topics so it was only natural that I would take to Second Life. This particular platform combines all my previous digital hobbies and supplements it with a visual element possessing a sort of hyperrealism - something missing from the other platforms. At the core of it however, is the humans who make up the virtual world. Because of a vast array of options at our disposal, most wind up exploring some form of artistic expression or another and that's what I love about Second Life almost more than the people themselves. It's also allowed me to discover creative passions I didn't even know I possessed and some of the challenges I've accepted have made me dig deeper into myself to explore the inner workings of my mind. Maybe that's the purpose of a creative hobby and I just didn't get the memo. Either way, I'm digging it.

The artistic expression of one of the residents of Second Life - Truth Hawks - has made him incredibly successful and well known and I'm glad he hired such an amazing person to look after his customers. She's built a community which has provided me with a homebase for much of my social interaction in world and I'm so happy to be a part of it, first as a blogger and now as the chat mod for the VIP group as well.

[hair] Truth - Ginevra (November VIP group gift with new updated holiday headband textures)
[dress] *COCO*_NordicSweaterDress(Green)
[pants] Addams// Real Worn Out Jeans // Ocean
[shoes] *COCO* _SnowBoots+Socks(DarkBrown)
[body] Maitreya
[head] Catwa- Lilly
[shape] my own
[skin] League- Sadie
[eyes] Amara Beauty - Justine (April Powder Pack)

[pose] Double Take - Wanderlust

{what next} Alpine Igloo
Studio Skye Four Season Oak Tree
Studio Skye Snowy Cliffs and Rocks
Studio Sky Snow Formations Building Set

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