Tuesday, December 19, 2017

man makeover

A few months ago, a friend of mine got a new mesh body and head for the first time. Because it was me who pointed him in the direction of which ones to get and helped him understand roughly how to use them, I felt driven to help him complete the look. All he did was ask if I could help him adjust the shape of his head a bit and before I knew it I was volunteering to give him a complete makeover. It sounded fun at the time, until I realized how different it is for men and women. I didn't know the first thing about men's clothes or where to get them. It took me 20 minutes to understand the body hud and even more time to figure out why, when I turned my graphics up to ultra his skin looked like he'd been in a mud fight - and it wasn't lag. I also realized it's taken me almost a year to get comfortable editing my own shape and that included looking back at pictures as time went on and constantly tweaking the sliders.

Luckily, I got a notecard from a very helpful guy filled with landmarks and info on clothes, skins, hair and more. So here it is, my first attempt at a man makeover. I still have some tweaking to do on his shape but overall I'm actually pretty satisfied with the way it turned out.

Before and after

Before - the biggest shoes in Second Life 

[hair] Exile Alternate Ideas
[coat] Deadwool Admiral Pea Coat
[pants] Deadwool Broberry Jeans Washed gray
[shoes] Deadwool Mancessities Chelsea Boots Black + all colors RARE
[body] Belleza Jake
[head] Catwa Daniel
[skin] Stray Dog Levi Tone 04
[pose] Expressive Poses Free For Men (1L on the marketplace)

Taken @ Arranmore


  1. Yeah, even though my husband is rarely in SL anymore, I've been slowly updating his avi for a couple of months now (getting his approval at each step is only part of the issue - LOL).