Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Destination Unknown #2

SL is a magical  land where we release our consciousness from our material form and interact thru our bodies of light.
-Zola Zsun 

Following up on this post, here is an update of some more great sims I've discovered in my Second Life travels.


The Gates of Melancholy is based on and inspired from the life and work of the famous American painter Andrew Wyeth. This sim is created to emulate and elicit the feel in the watercolor paintings done by Andrew Wyeth and evokes melancholy, nostalgia, starkness and the crispness of his work. You will find spots throughout the sim where you can find recreations of some of his paintings and you can pose, take pictures and create your own art work as you like it. 
Andrew Wyeth

the Gates of Melancholy


Explore the beauty of Corlevoli Beach. This nostalgic environment features a romantic, photogenic beach with luxury rentals, white sand beaches and more.
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Corlevoli Beach


Abandale is a once-flourishing, peaceful, scenic, rural town that is slowly being reclaimed back to nature. Some of the idyllic beauty remains in the homes that have been lovingly maintained and in the old oak forests, but the absence of bustling town life can be seen in the way the grass has become overgrown and buildings lay crumbling and rusting. 



Maison de L'amitié It is a place evocative of sea-side vacation destinations; much of the region is given over to water to form a natural bay which reflects a golden-hued sky. Sand bars to the south and west protect the bay on two sides. These form two broad, low beaches, the one to the south adjoining a sharp upthrust of land against which a little village sits. Running before this, and separating it from a sandy waterfront, is a wide road overlooking a line of rowing boats moored just off-shore, watched over by cormorants, gulls and a pelican...
...more about Maison de L'amitié from blogger Inara Pey
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I was mostly drawn to the bookstore and wound up spending a good bit of time taking pictures in there. It had a great atmosphere and I started wishing I could find a place just like it in the real world.

Maison de L'amitié

Maison de L'amitié


...and finally after being closed for a few weeks, the creepy well built Ironwood Hills is back up and running with a full sim. This is one of the best places I've found for exploration when it comes to creating a dark and moody atmosphere.

Ironwood Hills is a post-apocalypse sim ravaged by time and nature. As sirens wail in the distance, derelict buildings give up ghosts of their past. You'll find an abandoned amusement park under a plume of stale popcorn. The threat of dangers and other darker things lurking around every bend in the path toward the corpse-filled caves. An eerily beautiful landscape that tries hard to hide its secrets. 
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Ironwood Hills

Ironwood Hills
 Thank you for reading and happy exploration!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

March shopping Madness recap

While many of my friends have been going apeshit for basketball, I've been engaged in my own version of March Madness; a month of frenzied shopping, posing and posting about my various impulse buys. Thanks to a multitude of events, sales, subscription boxes and Blueberry's uncanny ability to read my mind, I wound up abusing my wallet even more in March than I did in November (Black Friday). 'Lucky' for the few lone individuals who follow my antics, I revel in every new purchase and take pics of pretty much everything. Here are just a few of them.

The month started out with the latest round of the Arcade and my acceptance of the fact that I'm not only a shopaholic, but have also given in to the lure of gachas. In her main store, Blueberry released probably her best pair of pants to date, which came with an overwhelming number of options including attached boots, choice of leather or denim and even a separate hud for different bootie shapes.

Blueberry - Grace pants w/boots

The next day I was standing amid a sea of avatars at Collabor88 searching for her hoodie with drool-inducing textures.

Blueberry - Loli Hoodie (@ C88)

On the 8th, MadPea Productions released their Deco(c)rate for March and since I've been on a furnishings and decor kick lately, I decided to buy it for the first time. I was not disappointed! I still haven't incorporated anything but the loveseat into my home yet but I did manage to throw some of the items together in a sandbox and snap this quick pic.

Items from the March Deco(c)rate:
•Keke - Old garden Greenhouse
•Vagabond - Mojave Pompom Rug
•Di'cor - Joseline Loveseat
•HEXtraordinary - Boho Meditation Altar
•Cheeky Pea - Free Spirit Cabinet

The 20th saw the release of MadPea Productions' March Bish Box, which had a theme I thought would blend perfectly with the Deco(c)rate: Indie Chic. as it turned out, 'indie' meant something closer to 'hippie' than I expected, but I still found several things in the box that I loved, including (shockingly) hair. 

Items from the March Bish Box
•ChicModa - Hazel Top
•Kibitz - Hearty Bracelets & Watch
•Doe - Christie Hair
•IDTTY - Real Dream Tattoo
•EF - Rhapsody Earrings

On the 24th, Blueberry gave her VIPs advanced entry into Shoetopia and I was so excited about her boots and heels, I straight up forgot to even look around at the 49 other great designers participating in the event.

Blueberry - Celia Boots (flat) (@ Shoetopia)

Blueberry - Bonita Heels (knee high) (@ Shoetopia)

The following day, Uber began and Truth released his hair for March. Again, I was so excited to get right in and get that hair that I failed to spend much time looking at any of the other designers' booths but I did pick up a cute tank top from Miss Chelsea (pictured below) and later the Chai dress from Vinyl.

Truth hair - Cheri (@ March Uber)

Finally, on the 30th, Addams released her Tank Top Dress and Sandals.

Addams // Abela Tank Top Dress w/ Belt // N*17
Addams // Selene Sandal Heels // N*17

I also threw down far too much on knicknack gachas for use in pictures, several designers' sales, some accessories from the N21 event and picked up my first Bento head and shape and a new skin to go with it. After trying several subscription boxes over the last three months, I've made up my mind (for now) that they aren't for me. Not because they suck but because I'd much rather try on the items and really want them before spending the lindens. On a side note; as luck would have it, I wound up winning next month's Bish box in a random drawing!

Here's hoping my wallet fares better in April. Thanks for reading!