Thursday, March 16, 2017

Destination unknown

The power of fantasy, imagination, and creativity takes us far beyond the ordinary, and gifts us with experiences, relationships, and connections we might otherwise never know.
-Zola Zsun 

Like a lot of people, one of my favorite things to do in Second Life is explore. I think part of why this is such a beloved pastime is because this virtual world is user-generated and  therefor we'll never know what all is out there unless we wander the grid and seek to discover it. I've seen everything from breathtaking lifelike landscapes to laughably outdated monstrosities of indeterminable purpose and I've only scratched the surface. So far I've managed to gather a small collection of sims which were clearly created with photography in mind and because I can't create, I share. So here's the first in what I hope to be a monthly series of destination posts aimed to inform others who like to explore and take pictures and to help the wonderful designers and builders in Second Life keep their creations alive.

From the Destinations album, one of the more eclectic sims I've found recently is Fort Stygian - the Keeper's located here.

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