Sunday, February 25, 2018

Truth VIP Staff

(L-R) Ellen (LadyEllenT) - Truth VIP Moderator, Truth Blogger ♦ Amber Daze (amberdaze10) - Truth General Manager/CSR
See Amber's version here.

I was just over three months old in Second Life when I met Amber. I didn't know about groups or how they worked but I joined the Truth VIP group three weeks after it was formed because I loved the hair and someone told me to join it so I can chat with other people who also loved the hair. A week later Amber messaged me to patiently walk me through how to get the group gift. Oh, the simple things...

[2016/12/05 18:45]  LadyEllenT: OMG I love it.
[2016/12/05 18:46]  LadyEllenT: Did you make this?
[2016/12/05 18:46]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): no Truth did
[2016/12/05 18:46]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): isn't it wonderful?
[2016/12/05 18:46]  LadyEllenT: who are you lol
[2016/12/05 18:46]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): I am Amber CSR and Moderator for the VIP Group...I work with Truth
[2016/12/05 18:46]  LadyEllenT: ohh
[2016/12/05 18:47]  LadyEllenT: this is exactly what ive bene looking for
[2016/12/05 18:47]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): I like it becuase it's really close to the head and other hats FINALLY fit
[2016/12/05 18:47]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): lol
[2016/12/05 18:47]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): and I love it because it's just lovely
[2016/12/05 18:47]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): he does such good work
[2016/12/05 18:47]  LadyEllenT: and this is FREE?
[2016/12/05 18:47]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): yes this is your group gift
[2016/12/05 18:47]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): :)
[2016/12/05 18:48]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): for being a VIP group member
[2016/12/05 18:48]  LadyEllenT: Holy cow why didnt I do this sooner!
[2016/12/05 18:48]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): Well we have only had the group going for a short time
[2016/12/05 18:48]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): so we are spoiling you all early
[2016/12/05 18:48]  LadyEllenT: Before 3 weeks ago I wasnt allowed into any in-world stores because of my horrid computer
[2016/12/05 18:49]  LadyEllenT: so Ihave missed so much!
[2016/12/05 18:49]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): oh no
[2016/12/05 18:49]  LadyEllenT: OMG the hat <3
[2016/12/05 18:49]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): well if that should happen again I am a shopper for our VIP's...I will shop and gift the items for you
[2016/12/05 18:49]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): so any store function that you can't get into
[2016/12/05 18:49]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): I will shop for you
[2016/12/05 18:49]  LadyEllenT: omg you're awesome
[2016/12/05 18:49]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): :)
[2016/12/05 18:49]  LadyEllenT: I just got a new computer and it is like amiracle
[2016/12/05 18:50]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): part of the most fun job EVER
[2016/12/05 18:50]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): oh nice congratulations
[2016/12/05 18:50]  LadyEllenT: ty :)) just in time for Black Friday and I couldnt believe they were 75L
[2016/12/05 18:50]  LadyEllenT: I already had over a dozen of them before that
[2016/12/05 18:51]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): oh I know
[2016/12/05 18:51]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): it was a wonderful sale
[2016/12/05 18:51]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): we have a few things planned for this month so great that you got your new computer
[2016/12/05 18:52]  LadyEllenT: lol I can hardly contain myself. Truth is my favorite hair designer and the only designer I use
[2016/12/05 18:52]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): yes he is my favorite too
[2016/12/05 18:52]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): he just won two Avi Choice Awards for Hair Design women and men...
[2016/12/05 18:53]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): he was so funny he said "and I hardly have men's hair"
[2016/12/05 18:53]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): lol
[2016/12/05 18:54]  LadyEllenT: well he clearly knows how to make his customers happy
[2016/12/05 18:54]  LadyEllenT: I would be happy just with the hair but then he has these fabulous gifts
[2016/12/05 18:55]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): yes :)  he treats us all very well indeed
[2016/12/05 18:55]  LadyEllenT: thanks again!
[2016/12/05 18:56]  Amber Daze (amberdaze10): you are so welcome and I'm always here for you if you should need me :)
[2016/12/05 18:56]  LadyEllenT: I appreciate that so much

That snippet of conversation is a pretty good indication of who Amber is and how she helped the group grow into a family over the next year. I chatted in other groups but after a few months, Truth became my home and Amber became a friend and supporter to me. She believed in me from the beginning and always made sure I knew it. She encouraged me when I was feeling insecure about my abilities and was always there to listen without judgement when I needed to vent to someone I could really trust. She built the VIP group and it was her hard work and unwavering loyalty which led to it being the great community it is today. When she became General Manager for Truth this past November, I was honored to be invited to step in as moderator for the VIP group. We definitely make a most excellent team and we need that since there are over 30,000 members now and it's steadily climbing. 

Recently we decided to start a blog for the VIP group, which is what prompted us to take this picture today. There isn't much there yet but we plan on filling it with all the awesomeness that is the community of Truthies and their "bearded god".


on me:
[hair] Truth - Oceana
[jacket] Lenox Townsend Jacket & Shirt (Giana fit) (NEW @ Uber) ::main sim:: ::cam sim::
[pants] Addams - Real Worn Jeans
[shoes] ANE Shoes - Booties (FLF - November 24 2017)
[head] Catwa - Lona
[body] Maitreya
[skin] INSOL - Kiki (NEW @ Uber) ::main sim:: ::cam sim::
[shape] my own
[pose] Tuty's - Fashion Lookbook no. 3

on Amber:
[hair] Truth - Tinsley (January VIP gift)
[jacket] Lenox Townsend Jacket & Shirt (Giana fit) (NEW @ Uber) ::main sim:: ::cam sim::
[pants] Emery Taylor Suede Leggings
[shoes] -KC- Hana Ankle Boots
[head] Catwa - Catya
[body] Maitreya
[skin] Egozy - Ange
[shape] her own
[pose] Entangled Ariandne no. 2

Taken @ the Truth Main Store

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