Sunday, February 11, 2018

something something Valentines Day

Hearts and flowers blah blah blah chocolate lingerie yada yada yada cupid etc

This is what I get for being raised by non-conformists. 

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and although it can be good for a reminder, we should be in the habit of expressing our love regardless of what day it is. We shouldn't need the greeting card companies and flower shops and lingerie stores and jewelers to push a holiday for us to remember that the end of love or life always comes when we least expect it. Being that Second Life is saturated with hearts and cupids and pink things at the moment, I guess it was unavoidable that at least some of it would find its way into my blog. But let's face it, my avi is cute as hell - I couldn't not post this. And please know that I in no way judge anyone for hopping on the floating hearts train. It's kinda sweet to watch from the comfort of my tattooed corner. Oh, and I love you all. ♥♥     

[hair] Truth - Astra (Updated and FREE @ the Shop Your Heart Out event)
[top] Azuchi - Elena Top
[earrings] MG - Key To My Heart Earrings (NEW @ C88)
[necklace] MG - Naomi - Key To My Heart layered Necklace (NEW @ C88)
[bracelets] Noir - Mia Bracelets (NEW @ C88)
[rings] Meva - Marlene Bento Rings
[tat] Carol G - Desire -  Black Tattoo 
[body] Maitreya
[head] Catwa - Lona
[skin] League - Sadie
[eyes] Modish - All About Eyes
[pose] HD - HEART-F no 5

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