Monday, January 1, 2018


2017 started out with too much pain and suffering for some of my loved ones in real life. Luckily, by the end of the year I got to watch each of them heal. I try not to internalize the pain of those I care deeply about but since I'm human, I still struggle with that at times which is probably why I tend to limit the number of people in that pool. There are some in world who I've grown to care deeply about over the last year, despite vowing not to. It's different here though since everything is typed instead of spoken and since there's no eye contact, it's a lot easier to hide frustration and filter my words. Even so, I found myself telling a dear friend how frustrated I was that they were suffering and in the process probably made them back off a little on what they share with me. I know I'm helpless against other people's problems but I still get this impulse to start running my mouth. So I started this new year mildly disappointed in my humanness.

[hair] Truth - Tinsley (December VIP gift)
[top] Paper Arrow - Cozy Turtleneck (Decemebr Luxe Box)
[head] Catwa - Lilly
[skin] League - Sadie
[eyes] Amara Beauty - Justine (April Powder Pack)

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