Friday, December 15, 2017

blogger bearings

Over the years I've struggled off and on to make friends with other women but since I joined Second Life, I've found myself connecting with them like never before. I'm not sure if there's just a higher concentration of awesome women in Second Life or if it's where I've been spending my time or the groups I've been chatting in or even the platform itself that does it. I tend be overprotective of my heart and stay on the periphery of social groups but I'm working on it. Lately I've been seeing all the collaborations and really wanted to be a part of it.

So the other day, as uncomfortable as it made me, I finally posted on Facebook that I wanted to collaborate with some of my fellow bloggers and several volunteered. Yay for Facebook! I was worried however, because I'm still getting my bearings and it can sometimes take me a while to get my pictures the way I want them. Lucky for me, the first couple were very easy going and patient and it wound up taking me far less time than I expected. Here's the one I did with Melly - my first collab! I feel so grateful to be accepted into this amazing community of talented people. Check out her blog and flickr.

on me: (left)
[hair] Truth - Fenella
[dress] ChicModa - Olivia (Available Dec 17th @ Tres Chic)
[scarf] ChicModa - Olivia (Available Dec 17th @ Tres Chic)
[shoes] Just BECAUSE - Anna Boots
[earrings and bracelets] Maxi Gossamer - Hampton Boho
[necklace] Real Evil - Noelle
[body] Maitreya
[head] Catwa - Lilly

on Melly: (right)
[hair] Runaway - Skadi (the Winter Trend, til Dec 22)
[dress] ChicModa - Olivia (Available Dec 17th @ Tres Chic)
[scarf] ChicModa - Olivia (Available Dec 17th @ Tres Chic)
[shoes] REIGN - Mojave Moccasin
[head] Catwa - Catya

pose - Glamrus . Our Winter

unKindness - Victorian Village Shop Red
Tree Sled Rezzer CHEZ MOI (December Deco(c)rate)
GOOSE - snow covered garden table & chairs (@ Tannebaum)
hive // fir trees . snowy (@ Tannebaum)
Apple Fall Farrow Garden Wall
{what next} Medium Twinkly Cone Tree (silver) x2 (NEW in the main store)
BackBone Garlands - Faded with Silver Snowflake (December Deco(c)rate)
BackBone Streetlamp with Double Snowflakes - Gold (December Deco(c)rate)
Studio Skye Snow Formations 1 Grassy Bumps
Studio Skye Falling Snow System

main store


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