Tuesday, November 21, 2017


I had so much fun taking this picture. It made me want to spend some time out in the Cascade wilderness at a mountain lodge. Despite the staggering number of hours I spend on my laptop and attached to my mobile device, I enjoy myself most when I'm out of town, away from city and suburbs in places with lots of history and few technological distractions.

raw shot

[house] Potomac Signature Homes - Maple Cove Manor Holiday Limited Edition (until December 31st)
All holiday/winter decor comes with the Maple Cove Manor except:

[on porch, left side] [[RH]] No more sledge !! (Touch) ARCADE Season Gift
[yard, left side] Juggling Snowman - Red Knit
[cedar trees] LB_Cedar.v2{4Seasons}
[fencing] Serenity Style-Aegeas Country Fence Kit
[on porch, right side] Sway's [Carl] Firewood Storage Bench
JIAN - Sleeping Husky Gift
JIAN - Emperor Penguin :: Static Adult 1
JIAN - Emperor Penguin :: Static Chick 1
JIAN - Wishing Well BOX (Wear me to unpack)

Potomac Homes:
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