Monday, November 27, 2017

let it snow

Snow. I love how when it accumulates, it covers everything in a clean colorless blanket and renders sharp edges smooth and gives the skeletal remains of trees flesh again. I especially love the muted nature of everything because I'm a fan of peace and quiet. I don't, however, love white-knuckling it to work and the sting of it melting inside my shoes. That's why I'll settle for snow in Second Life. 

[hair] Truth - Imani
[dress] *COCO* Nordic Sweater Dress
[vest] *COCO* Nordic Puffer Vest
[leggings] Blueberry - Poppy
[boots] *COCO* Snow Boots + Socks
[body] Maitreya
[head] Catwa - Catya
[pose] Imitation - Autumn no. 1

GOOSE - snow covered garden table (@ Tannebaum)
GOOSE - snow covered garden chair x2 (@ Tannebaum)
Sway's [Stony] stepping stone . snowy fresh - line x2
Studio Skye - Snow Formations 1 Grassy Bumps
Studio Skye - Falling Snow System :: from Studio Skye 1.1
Studio Skye - Terrain  Texture - Winter Snow 1024
Studio Skye - Four Season Oak Trees
Serenity Style- Kynne Station Lamp x3

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