Sunday, October 15, 2017

my attic

Serenity Style - Janire Vintage Coat Rack
RC Cluster - New Home Moving Boxes
Scarlet Creative - Summer Chairs (from the Sunday Table and Summer Chairs set - May Luxe box)
Serenity Style - My Attic - Old Memories Trunk x2 (October PocketGacha)
Serenity Style - My Attic - Where is my bird cage (October PocketGacha)
DC - Watching Crow
Serenity Style - Adalynne Autumn Suitcase
Serenity Style - My Attic - Lost Drawers (October PocketGacha)
22769 - Bauwerk - He Once Was Cute Bust - COMMON
Serenity Style - My Attic - That Old Music (October PocketGacha)
Serenity Style - My Attic - Covered Armchair (October PocketGacha)
Boogers - Poor Abandoned Bear
ChiMia - Arty Clock
Serenity Style - My Attic- Rust Metal Table (October PocketGacha)
Serenity Style - Janire Vintage Picture
O.M.E.N - I Heart Roo
Tres Blah - Eclectic Collection - Skull w/ Light Roses RARE
Kunst - Tube amplifier RARE
DRD - Post Apoc Radio/Receiver - Yellow (group gift)
Fancy Decor - Stamp Box
Anhelo - TV
Serenity Style - Norah Imagination - Stuffs to keep
Serenity Style - Janire Vintage  Boxes
Garbaggio - Storage Boxes

Scarlet Creative - Ministry Skybox (October Luxe Box)

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