Tuesday, August 29, 2017

good morning

(left to right)
Dust Bunny - Hanging Flower Pot - Blue
Sway's "Zodiac" Wall Art - Aquarius
Zenith - "Spring Picnic" Rattan Basket A
Sway's "Spring Gazebo" Her Stool - Pastel
Sway's "Workplace" Picture Frame - Wall - Wood*
Sway's "Workplace" Shelf*
Sway's "Workplace" Books and Bookend*
Sway's "Workplace" Succulent - Portulacaria*
Sway's "Workplace" Table Lamp*
Sway's "Workplace" Calendar*
Sway's "Workplace" Globe*
Sway's "Workplace" Succulent - Echeveria*
Sway's Unicorn Flowerpot with Succulent (REWARD)*
Sway's "Workplace" Notebook*
Sway's "Workplace" Pencil Jar*
Sway's "Workplace" Stack of Books*
Sway's "Workplace" Laptop*
Kalopsia - Tamsin's Table Plant
Sway's "Workplace" Pens and Pencils*
Sway's "Workplace" Desk*
Sway's "Workplace" Paper Bin*
Sway's "Workplace" Chair - Black (RARE)*
Sway's WallArt - Music
Dust Bunny - Hanging Flower Pot- Mint
What Next - Lucia  Potted Olive Tree
MishMish - Corgi Puppy - Stance 2 (January Luxe Box)
What Next - Hermosa Rug
Soy - Super Long Hanging Hedera
Fancy Decor - Table & Frame Set
Tarte - Garden Daffodils

[hair] Truth - Natalie
[top] Aphorism - Maya Tank - Blue
[shorts] Ison - Daphne Shorts
[slippers] Hucci - SL14B gift
[coffee] Sway's Shhh... Coffee Mug gift
[newspaper] Dutchie gift

[pose] WetCat - A Breeze no. 2

*Sway's "Workplace" gacha set will be available September 1st @ the Arcade. More info on the set here.

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